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Limited Edition - Trapped n Snatched Deluxe Waist Trainer

Limited Edition - Trapped n Snatched Deluxe Waist Trainer

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Our Trapped n Snatched Waist Trainer enhances the natural curves of a woman.
But most importantly shrinks your waistline. You will have a coca cola bottle shape in no time. The best results are achieved when you use the Waist Trainer in combination with exercisie and a healthy diet. This waist trainer releases excess water (great for postpartum), burns body and back fat.


Neoprene waist trainers are designed specifically for wear while working out, to heat up the midsection of the body and cause sweating. The effect on the body is similar to what happens in a sauna, helping with detoxification and fat burning through maintaining a higher core temperature. Following the workout, the wearer will often feel and look slimmer, and this immediate result is because of the water loss from sweat. Long lasting effects will not be achieved unless the belt is worn regularly during exercise. It is also important to be aware that a frequent workout routine in conjunction with a healthy diet must be adopted in order to maximize the effect.

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